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Culture Is a Four-Letter Word(0)

March 14, 2017

What do Uber’s recent troubles tell us about the importance of values? Lots, says Stephen L. Blue. “If you’re a CEO, don’t wait until an Uber-like disaster strikes before you do a values check-up,” he writes. “By that I mean values that serve your employees, customers, community, and shareholders equally. Values that form what I call a ‘culture by design, not default.'”

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Is Alternative Energy Still the Next Big Thing for American Venture Capitalists?

Cleantech start-ups have floundered recently after an initial wave of investment a decade ago. But renewed interest in the space thanks to the Paris climate accord has re-energized innovation and attracted the attention of some well-known, deep-pocketed venture capital investors.

Deutsche Bank Remains Trump’s Biggest Conflict of Interest Despite Settlements

If you measure President Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest by the amount of money at stake, or the variety of dicey interactions with government regulators, one dwarfs any other: his relationship with Deutsche Bank. Because the president has not sold his company, the bank remains a central arena for potential conflicts between his family’s business interests and the actions of officials in his administration.

Why Trump’s Meetings With CEOs Seeking Mergers Trouble Observers

By meeting with the CEOs of Monsanto and Bayer, which are seeking to merge, as well as the head of AT&T, which is trying to merge with Time Warner, Trump has violated decades of White House practice by injecting himself directly into mergers awaiting Justice Department review.

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