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Case Study: The Search for Great Leadership(1)

September 4, 2013

If you were selecting a new president for your organization, what leadership qualities should he or she possess to be successful in navigating all the challenges you can foresee and those you can’t? Columnist Gael O’Brien discusses an unusual symposium of leading educators who offered advice to The Ohio State University as it goes about the process of identifying a new president.

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OSU President’s Departure Raises Questions About Leadership Values

The sudden resignation of Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee from his $2 million-a-year job followed disclosures of so-called jokes he’d made about other universities and their leaders. Columnist Gael O’Brien says the incident raises questions about leadership vulnerabilities among the most seasoned of executives and how their boards respond,

Learning to Do the Right Thing – Right Here, Right Now

Educating students in corporate responsibility means making sure they think critically and recognize that ethical issues are inherent in all business decisions, says an educator. “Corporate culture must support all employees to think critically about every decision and action, every day,” she writes. “Being motivated simply to avoid prosecution is not the same as behaving ethically—and it’s often not even a good way to avoid sanctions.”

‘Water Cooler Ethics’: A New Approach to Business Ethics Education

The way business ethics is taught must change if there is any hope of stemming the continuous abuse by corporate managers and leaders of the public trust, argues a university professor. “Educators must stop lecturing to students,who usually sit passively listening to moralizing professors, and instead encourage ethical dialogue around the ‘water cooler,’” he says.

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