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  1. i find this web site is very useful for corporate social responsibility

  2. I found this website while doing research for my business ethics class. I signed up to received the newsletter, because I think I mighgt be able to learn some things.

  3. Excellent compilation of topics and discussions on Business Ethics. Very Useful !

  4. Corporate responsibility program are bringing innovation and a clear ROI mentality to development projects in developing countries. We look forward to learning more about what works and sharing our experience.

  5. This is one of many tools that I need for my academic endeavors.

  6. As an elected official, I hope to use this site to enhance my efforts to bring transparency to my position.

  7. i found this website while doing research for my businesseethics class.

  8. Quite impressive information on Corporate Social Responsibility Worldwide, I liked the presentation of study report on CSR in corporate.

  9. Thankfully I discovered this site by conducting a general search.
    Being new to consulting independently in this field; my hopes are
    high that this site will be an extremely valuable resource. Thank you.
    Justin Mc Carthy, M.B.A -Principal Consultant- Crane Consulting

  10. Thanks, I came to know this site from Google search. It is excellent.

  11. I'm hoping this resource will help me in my MBA studies.

  12. Hi,

    Nice read...
    Corporate Social Responsibility is the often overlooked part, especially for the ones with short term vision and the empahsis put by most MBA programs is also less.

  13. I was recommended this website by my university. I found it really helpful. Cheers

  14. Seems like this site will help me come up with an excellent MBA desertation on HR ethics in high unemployment environments.Can anyone out there with material on this assist.

  15. i thank business ethics to enrol me for subscription.

    As our awareness grows , so also our realisation about purpose of life. Gandhi could reach that a wareness at early age.
    the 21st century businesses shall be led by enlightened people.

    we ,in india , have such enlightened souls in business. Narayan murthy and Azim Prem ji are prime examples.

    Business ethics survive and flourish in an enlightened society.

    Art of living about that only !
    In an enlightened society, there is smile on every face .
    thank you, business ethics.

    s c mittal
    Faridabad , India

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