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Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp was founded on the premise that employers owed a duty to injured workers and their families. And laws in every state require them to pay workers’ medical bills and some of their lost wages until they recover — or for life if they can’t. An investigation by ProPublica and NPR looks at one Texas lawyer who is helping major companies opt out of workers’ compensation and write their own rules. What does it mean for injured workers?

Women and Leadership: Roadmaps for the Journey

Acquiring the skills needed for leadership isn’t easy for members of either sex. But for women who pursue careers in companies, there is the daunting reality that unless you start your own business, a leadership role can be hard to come by. Columnist Gael O’Brien speaks with McKinsey consultant and author Joanna Barsh about her research into “centered leadership” and how it might help accelerate the leadership journey for women.