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Business Fraud: Culture Is the Culprit

Two leading consultants say companies must create lower risk environments for fraud. To do so, they argue, organizations first must understand their own corporate ecology — the interrelations between people and their workplace — and tailor controls to the nature of those systems.

Export Credit Agencies Urged to Strengthen Anti-Bribery Rules

A Transparency International report found that while most export credit agencies have formal policies that prohibit support for bribe-tainted transactions, they do not require applicants to have management controls to deal with bribery and none have issued guidance to applicants describing elements of an appropriate anti-bribery program.

Report Cites “New Era” in Global Anti-Corruption Fight

Efforts to combat transnational bribery and corruption could be enhanced by the creation of a top level U.S. government task force with a mandate to develop diplomatic and other incentives for adoption of laws similar to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), especially in developing countries, according to a new report published by The Conference Board.