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GM’s New CEO: Demonstrating How Less Can Be More

Since taking over the top job at General Motors in January, Mary Barra has been low-key about the fact that she’s the first woman ever to lead the giant auto maker. And that is a good thing, says columnist Gael O’Brien. “Because there are so few women CEOs,” she writes, “there is a danger that in celebrating them we can go too far — celebrity status conferred on, cultivated or accepted creates a rock star status which when associated with leadership has real risks.”

CEO Pay: ‘Time to Retire the Rock Star Messiah Myth’

Pay packages for CEOs of U.S.-based companies continue out of control, writes columnist Gael O’Brien, with boards often succumbing to “fear-based” compensation practices that undermine the potential for collaborative leadership and sustainability. She notes new research which disputes conventional wisdom that CEOs can easily move to the next company if not paid well. “Tackling excessive CEO compensation,” O’Brien writes, “is the first step in creating a new normal.”

VIDEO: Avon’s Andrea Jung at 2010 BSR Conference in NYC

Andrea Jung, Chairman and CEO of Avon Products Inc., discusses the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility during a keynote session at the 2010 BSR conference in New York City in November, 2010.

Opinion: Haiti, Charity and Clarity

In the current state of emergency and disaster following Haiti’s earthquake, donations of cash and vital resources are imperative for humanitarian relief. The bigger question, says writer Bill Baue, is whether this effort will leave room for self-empowered Haitians to identify and redress systemic, symptomatic problems.