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CEO Pay: ‘Time to Retire the Rock Star Messiah Myth’

Pay packages for CEOs of U.S.-based companies continue out of control, writes columnist Gael O’Brien, with boards often succumbing to “fear-based” compensation practices that undermine the potential for collaborative leadership and sustainability. She notes new research which disputes conventional wisdom that CEOs can easily move to the next company if not paid well. “Tackling excessive CEO compensation,” O’Brien writes, “is the first step in creating a new normal.”

Beyond Barclays: Laying out the Libor Investigations

Controversy continues over the British bank Barclays, which has been slapped with $450 million in fines and penalties for manipulating information used to set a critical interest rate. Here’s some background on the scandal, and how we’ll likely see government action on other banks besides Barclays.

Courts Fault Feds, SEC for Going Easy on Banks

When big banks have announced settlements with the Securities and Exchange Commission, ProPublica put those agreed-upon fines into perspective, and often found that even millions of dollars in fines aren’t too hard for these big financial firms to shell out. Judges, increasingly, seem to agree.