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The Rise in Unemployment and the Loss of Civility

An executive recruiter in the compliance field says he’s recently noticed a disturbing trend: as the global economy stagnates and seemingly worsens, and job cuts are announced daily, tensions rise. “Frustration, irritation and the loss of common decency pervades,” he says. “It has truly become a dog-eat-dog environment.”

What’s Happened to the Big Players in the Financial Crisis?

Widespread demonstrations in support of Occupy Wall Street have put the financial crisis back into the national spotlight lately. So here’s a quick refresher on what’s happened to some of the main players, whose behavior, whether merely reckless or downright deliberate, helped cause or worsen the meltdown.

In Postcrisis Report, a Weak Light on Complex Transactions

Reporter Jesse Eisinger credits the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s just released report for being full of fascinating information and detail. Its biggest failing, he suggests, “is its timidity in engaging the most important question looming over the crash: What did Wall Street know and when did it know it?”

Goldman’s Self-Help: Eat, Pay, Trade

Reporter Jesse Eisinger suggests that Goldman Sachs’ announcement last week of a plan to increase transparency and disclosure does not resolve some big questions about the investment banks’ role in financial markets. “Could there be an argument that Goldman should break up into three smaller, more focused companies?” he asks. “It would be better for the financial system, and just might lead to the self-improvement that Goldman is searching for.”

BOOKS: The Failure of Corporate Boards and the Price We All Pay

If you’re one of the many trying to determine where blame might lie for the financial and economic crises of the last two years, John Gillespie and David Zweig would suggest you look in the corporate boardroom. Their new book – “Money for Nothing: How the Failure of Corporate Boards Is Ruining American Business and Costing Us Trillions” – is rich with unfortunate detail.