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How a Culture of Purpose Can Help Business Thrive

A “culture of purpose” helps a company, writes columnist Gael O’Brien, because it “ignites the talents, aspirations and sense of service of the men and women within the organization who, by how they work together and the impact that results, have the potential to lead a company to become what it is capable of becoming.”

Crony Capitalism? Hank Paulson’s Extraordinary Meeting

A new report by Bloomberg News suggests that in July 2008, then-Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson met with “a dozen or so hedge-fund managers and other Wall Street executives” to discuss a possible scenario for placing mortgage enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into “conservatorship.” Pulitzer Prize-winner Jesse Eisinger says Paulson’s meeting with his former Wall Street peers draws “a picture of a Treasury Secretary who took care of his buddies while allowing the system to blow up.”

To Create a CSR Culture, You Have to Start with Wall Street

Columnist Ann Charles says that in order to successfully integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into business, there’s a need to start changing the culture of Wall Street, and that change has to come from within. She shines a spotlight on some individual leaders who are working to change the rules of the game in the financial sector.

Is There a Culture of Secrecy Behind Corporate Responsibility?

Does a commitment to corporate responsibility provide cover for bad corporate behavior? Stories about companies behaving badly make commitments to CR look hollow at best. Neil Smith argues it is not just commitments that matter, but the corporate culture set by the person at the top of the organization and internal subcultures determined by the employees and managers which are important.

Thomson Reuters Acquisition: ESG Information in Demand

Information on issues related to the environment, society and governance – what’s known in the investment community as “ESG”- is becoming an increasingly important commodity as institutional investors seek data to drive their portfolio decision-making. The most recent news in that regard is Thomson Reuters’ acquisition of Swiss environmental, social responsibility and governance data provider ASSET4.