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New Arrests in Murdoch Bribery Scandal Raise Question of U.S. Charges

Five more journalists from a Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid were arrested as part of an ongoing bribery investigation. The arrested journalists, all from the The Sun, were later released, and have yet to be charged with any crimes. But the arrests have once again raised questions about whether Murdoch’s News Corporation might face prosecution for bribery in the U.S. under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Embarassing Hacking Allegations That News Corp. Redacted

New documents published today cast doubt on News Corporation’s claims that top executives and editors at the now-defunct News of the World were unaware of widespread phone hacking at the paper. One of the documents had also been aggressively redacted by News Corp., which removed references that referred to top editors knowing about the hacking.

Facing Bribery Inquiry, News Corp. Lawyers Up With Former Federal Prosecutors

The embattled media conglomerate News Corporation and its independent directors have not only hired top criminal defense lawyers, they’ve also hired former Justice Department prosecutors well-versed in U.S. bribery law. The new hires are a sign that the company is taking the Justice Department’s preliminary investigation rather seriously.

A Reader’s Guide to U.K. Phone Hacking Scandal

Though News of the World shut its doors on Sunday, the UK’s hacking scandal is deepening. Allegations of illegal activity have spread beyond News of the World to other Murdoch papers, and far beyond hacking into people’s voice mails. With all the new details emerging, it’s getting hard to keep track. Here’s a brief rundown of the latest revelations.

How Murdoch Reporters’ Bribes to British Cops Violate U.S. Law

As the phone hacking scandal continues to unfold, British press reports say more than $160,000 was paid by News of the World reporters to police officers in the U.K. News of the World is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. – whose stock is listed in the U.S. – and the alleged bribes could cause the company serious trouble with U.S. prosecutors or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

GE to Pay $23.4 Million to Settle SEC Oil-for-Food Charges

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged that from 2000 to 2003 two GE subsidiaries — along with two other subsidiaries of public companies that have since been acquired by GE — participated in a $3.6 million kickback scheme with Iraqi government agencies to win contracts to supply medical equipment and water purification equipment.

Italian Firm and Unit to Pay $365 Million to Settle Bribe Charges

The settlement is the latest related to a four-company joint venture that was awarded $6 billion in contracts to build liquid natural gas facilities on Bonny Island, Nigeria. U.S. officials said a total of $1.28 billion in penalties has been obtained to date in connection with the Bonny Island bribery scheme.

French Firm to Pay $338 Million to Settle Bribery Charges

French engineering firm Technip S.A. agreed to pay a total of $338 million to settle criminal and civil charges brought by U.S. enforcement agencies for its participation in a scheme to bribe Nigerian government officials to obtain more than $6 billion in contracts to build liquefied natural gas facilities on Bonny Island, Nigeria.