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Environmentalists Asssess Barack Obama’s Climate Change Initiative

In what’s being billed as the greatest environmental initiative of his presidency, Barack Obama announced on June 25 that his administration is instituting stringent mandatory restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions by power plants, factories and other industrial sources. Most environmentalists are happy that Obama is finally committing to decisive action to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

Greening Up the Hotel Industry

Some hotels and hotel chains take sustainability more seriously than others, but the industry as a whole has certainly become greener in recent years. Those little cards encouraging you to re-use towels and linen may seem like token environmentalism, but they can actually result in significant water, waste and cost reductions.

A Cradle to Cradle Approach to Environmental Protection

The CEO of carpet maker Desso believes the “Cradle to Cradle” approach to manufacturing could change the design of the world, and not just in the carpeting industry. “It encourages consumers to buy more products,” he writes, “but to do so from innovative companies that have policies in place to recycle old products, turning waste into new products or into nutrients.”

The Outlook for Cleaner Airplane Fuels

The friendly skies aren’t much greener than they were a few decades ago. And most national governments have been reluctant to impose new environmental restrictions on the already ailing airline industry. Nonetheless, some airlines and airplane manufacturers are taking steps to improve their eco-footprints

Assessing Walmart’s Environmental Impact

Walmart has been working to clean up its image in recent years, and many environmentalists are pleased with the company’s commitment to reduce its massive carbon footprint. Many, however, view the company’s initiatives with skepticism, especially considering its overall impact on communities.