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Status Report: ‘Cap and Trade’ Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

“Cap-and-trade,” whereby big polluters must pay to emit greenhouse gases against a capped total amount that is reduced over time—has been in effect across the European Union (EU) since 2005. Meanwhile, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Kazakhstan and South Korea have each set up their own national cap-and-trade programs to varying degrees of success, while regional versions have popped up within Japan, Canada and the U.S.

Big Oil Revenue Equals More Than 10% of U.S. GDP

A 2012 Congressional Research Service report, “Financial Performance of the Major Oil Companies, 2007-2011”(PDF), analyzes the business results of the five biggest firms operating in the U.S. market: ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips. The report notes that their combined revenues in 2011 were equivalent to more than 10% of U.S. gross domestic product.

Corporations See Sustainability Offerring Trillions in Opportunity

Sustainable development over the next several decades offers “vast new business opportunities” – valued as much as US$6.2 trillion – for companies that have “the foresight to lead,” according to a new report by a leading corporate sustainability group.