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Grappling with the Challenges of the ‘Purpose Journey’

Columnist Gael O’Brien continues her look at the “purpose journey” and what it can mean for individuals and organizations. While having purpose helps, it also brings obligations. “The dark side of purpose,” she writes, “is that once you start talking about it, you can’t lead wearing blinders because accountability for impact comes with the territory.”

How a Culture of Purpose Can Help Business Thrive

A “culture of purpose” helps a company, writes columnist Gael O’Brien, because it “ignites the talents, aspirations and sense of service of the men and women within the organization who, by how they work together and the impact that results, have the potential to lead a company to become what it is capable of becoming.”

Freedom Riders’ Legacy: Creating a Culture of Common Purpose

December 2011 brings to a close the official commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders. Columnist Gael O’Brien suggests that the experience of these 1960s civil rights activists offers inspiration – and some very practical lessons – to those seeking to create common purpose in 21st century organizations and companies.