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Google Controversy Highlights Challenge of Building Community

When a Google engineer recently wrote and distributed company-wide a memo about women in technology, intense controversy followed. Columnist Gael O’Brien says situations like the one at Google should prompt more companies to ask some critical questions: What does community mean for us? What do we want it to look like and why? What will enable our efforts to be successful and sustainable?

Delaware Public Benefit Corporations Bring Social Purpose

On August 1, 2013, Delaware became the 19th state to authorize the benefit corporation. For the first time in American corporate law, this new corporate form provides a legal basis for companies to have a positive social purpose in addition to creating shareholder value.

Benefit Corporations vs. ‘Regular’ Corporations: A Harmful Dichotomy

Seven U.S. states have now enacted laws creating a new type of corporation – typically called a benefit corporation, or B Corp – to advance the cause of socially responsible business. But a corporate attorney argues that, however well-intentioned, the B Corp structure “undermines the very values that corporate governance advocates should seek to promote: responsible, sustainable corporate decision-making by companies of any stripe.”

Two New Corporate Forms to Advance Social Benefits in California

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law competing bills that create two new corporate forms — a “flexible purpose corporation” and a “benefit corporation” — intended to allow entrepreneurs and investors the choice of organizing companies that can pursue both economic and social objectives. Here’s a legal analysis of the implications for businesses with a social purpose.

Johnson & Johnson, Under Investigation, Tops CSR Index

Johnson & Johnson topped a list of companies perceived by American consumers as having the best reputations for corporate social responsibility practices. Months after research for the Index was conducted, the company admitted that it misled regulators and consumers by using contractors to buy defective Motrin painkiller products from store shelves rather than announce a recall.

McDonald’s Publishes 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

The report focuses on the company’s practices in sustainable supply chain, nutrition and well-being, environmental responsibility, employment experience, community and corporate governance and ethics.