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Spotlight on Whole Foods CEO’s Ties to ‘Spiritual Leader with Troubled Past’

Whole Foods Market chief executive John Mackey serves as board chair of the Center for Integral Wisdom and has endorsed the think tank’s founder, Marc Gafni, a former rabbi who’s been accused of sexual misconduct in the past. Columnist Gael O’Brien discusses the potential impact of the controversial relationship on Whole Foods as a company and on the Conscious Capitalism movement Mackey has been promoting.

‘Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?’ The Role of Spiritual Intelligence

What accounts for behavior? There are people with a high IQ – an intelligence quotient derived from standardized tests – and those strong in what psychologists call emotional intelligence. But a third factor is often overlooked, writes columnist Gael O’Brien. Spiritual intelligence may be “harder to measure, easier to misunderstand and often dismissed as something more suitable for a yoga studio than a board room,” she says, but we ignore it at our peril.