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Making the Case for “Shared Value” for Business and Society

Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter and his colleague Mark Kramer argue that the time has come for global businesses to adopt the principle of “shared value.” Shared value, they write, “is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success.”

Panera Cares: An Experiment in Corporate Responsibility

Columnist Gael O’Brien discusses an innovative corporate responsibility initiative launched by Panera Bread, the national cafe-bakery company. “Panera Cares” has opened community cafes in three cities – Clayton, Missouri; Dearborn, Michigan and Portland, Oregon – based on a pay-what-you-can model where those who can pay more do in order to cover the cost of others.

Controversial Chemical Poses Challenge for Colgate-Palmolive

A feisty debate over the safety of the widely used chemical triclosan has put Colgate-Palmolive at the center of a case study in product disclosure and corporate responsibility – one that may ultimately help outline how companies wading through a murky regulatory review and unsettled science should attend to their stakeholders and customers.

Large U.S. Company Boards Monitor Corporate Responsibility

Boards of directors of a majority of large U.S. corporations now have committees charged with oversight of environmental and social issues, but that oversight is often not integrated into the companies’ strategic planning and operations, according to a new research study. The study also found that boards at smaller companies are far less likely to have committees charged with oversight of corporate responsibility issues.

More Wall Street Analysts Buy Corporate Social Responsibility

Wall Street analysts who issue “buy” and “sell” recommendations on publicly-held companies are increasingly awarding more favorable ratings to firms with corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, according to a new academic study. “As time goes by,” the authors write, “CSR strategies are perceived to be more value-creating.”

Opinion: The Case Against the Case Against CSR

Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate Responsibility for technology company AMD, responds strongly to a Wall Street Journal Op Ed article which argued “The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Jeffrey Hollender Discusses Sustainability with Big Think

Jeffrey Hollender, Co-founder & CEO of Seventh Generation, discusses corporate responsibility and sustainability issues in an interview with Big Think.

GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis Top Access to Medicine Report

The Access to Medicine Index seeks to rank pharmaceutical companies based on their efforts “to enhance global access to medicines.” The report cited particular problematic medical areas including a need for new pharmaceutical products to address neglected tropical diseases and the lack of viable markets for pediatric HIV/AIDS drugs.

Survey: Companies Lack Basic Sustainability Programs

A Conference Board survey finds that even though corporations lack the structural framework to enable proper director oversight of sustainability programs, they rarely consult outside expertise. At 89 percent of the companies surveyed, directors continue to rely on reports by senior executives for information on social and environmental initiatives.

The Corporate Responsibility Commitment

The rhetoric surrounding corporate responsibility can be off-putting to companies with many firms assuming they can never live up to such grand claims. But taken in achievable steps, every company can embark upon the corporate responsibility journey. Patrick Jelly, managing director of Pitney Bowes UK, assesses the reality of corporate responsibility adoption and outlines some of the do’s and don’ts of such a strategy.