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Proxy Advisors Find Themselves in the Spotlight

Proxy advisory services play a key role because institutional holders turn to them for advice when voting billions of shares at annual meetings. Questions are now being raised about the influence of the services and whether more formal oversight is needed. As a result, proxy advisory services may be about to start receiving their own report cards for a change.

Kellogg’s Corporate Responsibility Report: “Watch the Salt!”

It’s fascinating to watch as major global businesses engage, however imperfectly, in the process of reporting on matters that only a few years ago would have been left for legal counsel to explain and defend in courts or regulatory hearings. How should a food giant like Kellogg handle a sticky health problem involving salt? Or a supply chain issue involving peanuts?

Google Halts Censorship on Chinese Search

Google announces a “new approach to China,” indicating that China’s behavior toward human rights activists and other efforts “to further limit free speech on the web in China” had led Google to stop censoring its search services on the site and instead redirect traffic to its Hong Kong-based servers.

Sustainability: 20 Expectations for Companies by 2020

A major new paper from Ceres, the investor and environmental group, “is a guide to companies on their journey to comprehensive sustainability – from the boardroom to the copy room – and throughout the supply chain,” says the organization’s president.

How To Lead in Corporate Citizenship

Two new reports from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship examine what’s needed in implementing and maintaining effective corporate citizen leadership. They also put forth “unique competency models” for those working in the corporate citizenship field.

Toyota Recall: Five Critical Lessons

Fixing the problem and ensuring that something like it doesn’t happen again will require an all-out effort by Toyota, from assembly line to the boardroom. Even then, there are no guarantees. Maintaining a good corporate reputation in the 21st century is tricky business indeed.

Nike: Corporate Responsibility at a “Tipping Point”

Nike’s latest report on the company’s corporate responsibility initiatives features a slick multimedia display and a 176-page written document. You can see Nike grappling, in public, with some tough choices. Labor and human rights continue as a top priority and corporate worry.