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By the Numbers: Life and Death at Foxconn

Recent media reports have put the spotlight on abusive working conditions at Foxconn, the Taiwanese company whose massive Chinese factories manufacture some of the world’s most popular consumer electronics. As well as working with companies like Dell, Motorola, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard, Foxconn assembles popular Apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

Verbatim: How Businesses View Sustainability & CSR Reporting

Investment firm Walden Asset Management recently researched and compiled quotes from sustainability and corporate responsibility reports by several dozen companies in a wide range of industries. The exercise showed, says a Walden executive, that attention to such issues has become vitally important for a company’s business, and that transparent reporting is, as one CEO said, one of “the prices of doing business today.”

Dell Inc. to Pay $100 Million to Settle Charges in Intel Case

The SEC charged that Dell and its founder, Michael Dell, and several former executives did not disclose to investors large “exclusivity payments” the company received from Intel Corporation to not use central processing units manufactured by Intel’s main rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. At their peak in the first quarter of 2007, those payments constituted 76 percent of Dell’s operating income.

Dell Negotiating to Settle SEC Charges Regarding Intel

Dell Inc. said the company and its Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, are in negotiations with the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges related to past dealings with chip-maker Intel. The company revised its earnings to include a $100 million liability to cover the cost of an anticipated settlement by the company with the SEC.

Senator Questions 30 Companies on Human Rights in China

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin this week sent letters to 30 information and communications technology companies – including Apple, Facebook, Skype and Twitter – seeking information about their human rights practices in China. Durbin also announced plans to hold a follow-up hearing on global internet freedom next month.