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Books: Using Social Media To Build a Better World

Advertising executive Simon Mainwaring suggests in a new book that combining corporate social responsibility and social media could create a powerful new consumer force. Among his suggestions: “contributory capitalism,” in which every single consumer transaction for products and services globally “would include a contribution toward building a better world.”

Self-Deception and Challenges for Leaders

Columnist Gael O’Brien examines several recent crises and finds a common trait: self-deception by leadership. It “reflects an image that allows leaders to disengage and disconnect from their actual impact on others,” she writes. “Aside from the damage it does to those affected, it creates an understandable gap in trust, which is the very thing leaders want to re-build after a crisis.”

Corporate Governance in Middle East and North Africa

Even as political regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya deal with ongoing pressure to change or adapt how they rule, a new study reports that a “second wave” of corporate governance appears to be forming among financial markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Role of Multinationals in Egypt’s Communication Shutdown

When the Egyptian government created a partial communications blackout on Thursday, shutting Internet and cell-phone service, it asked for the cooperation of foreign mobile phone companies. UK-based Vodafone complied, saying it had no choice but to cut service.