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Corporate Speech and the First Amendment: History, Data and Implications

A 2015 working paper from Harvard Law School, “Corporate Speech and the First Amendment: History, Data and Implications,” indicates that Citizens United, while certainly important, is only the latest in a series of cases that have expanded corporate use of the First Amendment. In his research, the author, John C. Coates IV, performed an analysis of nearly 13,000 Supreme Court decisions from 1946 to December 2014.

A Growing Consensus on What to Do About Citizens United

While the Supreme Court in Citizens United envisioned a world where shareholders could hold managers accountable for political spending, corporations have clever legal ways to hide their role in politics from the public. Over the past few weeks, a growing consensus among shareholders, corporate leaders and corporate law experts has emerged. All are urging increased transparency for corporate money in politics.

Democrats Introduce Political Contributions Legislation

Democrats officially launched their long-expected legislative response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling freeing up corporations, unions and other groups to make political contributions. Five U.S. Senators released their version of the DISCLOSE Act – an acronym for the “Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections” Act. Similar legislation was introduced in the House. (File Photo)