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Thought Trap: ‘Consumer Society’ is the Problem

Author Frances Moore Lappé says it’s easy to join the chorus that “consumerism” is out of con¬trol and is killing us. “But the message is a nonstarter for a couple of reasons,” she writes. “For one, it doesn’t fit most people’s everyday lives, even in an ostensi¬bly wealthy country like the US.”

Thought Trap: Growth vs. No Growth?

In her continuing series on the environment, author Frances Moore Lappé says that while acclaimed environmentalists have long decried economic growth as a root of the environmental crisis, she sees that analysis as a “thought trap.” ”While I deeply share these luminaries’ vision, she writes, “the no-growth frame troubles me.”

Our Challenge: Developing an ‘Eco-Mind’

In the first part of a multi-part series, author Frances Moore Lappé suggests we need to change the way we frame problems if we want to come up with real solutions to our environmental challenges. “The hard fact of human existence,” she writes,” is that if our mental frame is flawed, we’ll fail no matter how hard and sincerely we struggle.

What’s Being Done to “Green Up” Professional Sports?

The last two Olympics were greener than any before, but environmental awareness isn’t limited to the realm of international amateur competition. In fact, in just the last few years all of the major professional North American sports leagues have made strides in greening their operations.

How to Find Information on Green Electronics

Now that many consumers are beginning to care about their own environmental footprints, manufacturers of electronic equipment are responding with loads of greener offerings.