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When CEOs Self-Destruct: Lessons in Values for the Corporate Board

The forced resignations of executives at Lockheed Martin and Best Buy – along with the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus – raise questions about the values boards reinforce with their leaders. Columnist Gael O’Brien says many critical qualities – emotional intelligence, authenticity, self awareness, and stakeholder-focus — are often not included in the process.

Stop What You’re Doing: The Value of Stepping Back

Leaders who are hyperactive — doing more and more, faster and faster – in their response to an ever-changing, complex world are less likely to be innovative and are more vulnerable to making ethical mistakes, says a thought leader on leadership development. Columnist Gael O’Brien speaks with Kevin Cashman about his new book – The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward.

The Challenge of Authentic Leadership

Of all the styles and types of leadership, something called authentic leadership seems the easiest to achieve – after all, who wouldn’t want to be, and come across as, the genuine article? But it may be more complicated than that. Columnist Gael O’Brien asks: “Is it possible that a 21st century leadership can emerge that involves self awareness, emotional intelligence, and authenticity?”