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Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp was founded on the premise that employers owed a duty to injured workers and their families. And laws in every state require them to pay workers’ medical bills and some of their lost wages until they recover — or for life if they can’t. An investigation by ProPublica and NPR looks at one Texas lawyer who is helping major companies opt out of workers’ compensation and write their own rules. What does it mean for injured workers?

The Public Costs of Low Wages Paid by the Fast-Food Industry

As of last year, nearly 7 million Americans worked in the fast-food industry, with an average pre-tax yearly income of about $18,770, or just over $9 an hour. For a family of three, that’s well below the federal poverty line of $19,530. Families of fast-food workers are twice as likely to use public programs, according to a recent study, because of “the industry’s low wages, low work hours and low benefits.”

When Edgy Advertising Sends the Wrong Message

Columnist Gael O’Brien says marketers searching for hip and edgy corporate advertising often risk reputation and close the door on social responsibility in pursuit of a breakthrough moment. Recent misfires by Pepsi, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Ford and General Motors are the latest round in advertising blunders striving for humor that instead were unwrapped as offensive and insensitive stereotypes.

Assessing McDonald’s Performance on Sustainability

Long a poster child of environmental ills and health concerns, McDonald’s has worked steadily over the last two decades to clean up its act. But while it may be moving in the right direction on some issues, it is still widely criticized for the waste it generates and its contribution to health woes such as obesity.

Corporate Citizenship at McDonald’s: 10 Lessons Learned

Managing the corporate social responsibility program for one of the world’s biggest and best-known brands is no simple task. Bob Langert, the man who has that job at McDonald’s – which serves more than 64 million people in 117 countries each day – offers his Top Ten list of observations about what’s involved in trying to be a good corporate citizen.

Marketing to Children: Accepting Responsibility

Product marketing campaigns that target children – such as McDonald’s Happy Meals – are once again coming under fire. Columnist Gael O’Brien thinks they raise important questions about corporate behavior and who bears responsibility for unhealthy outcomes.

Game Change: Environmentalists Advise WalMart on Sustainability

When the Environmental Defense Fund first fought for a ban on the pesticide DDT more than 40 years ago, the non-profit organization went to court and sued. Times have changed. These days, EDF staff members work directly with companies like WalMart to address sustainability issues.

McDonald’s Publishes 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

The report focuses on the company’s practices in sustainable supply chain, nutrition and well-being, environmental responsibility, employment experience, community and corporate governance and ethics.