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Drug Industry Lobbyists and Campaign Cash Stymie Bid to Restrain Medicare Prescription Costs

When Congress approved the landmark Medicare Part D program in 2003 to help seniors buy prescription drugs, it slapped on an unusual restriction: The federal government was barred from negotiating cheaper prices for those medicines. The ban on government price bargaining, justified by supporters on free market grounds, has been derided by critics as a giant gift to the drug industry.

More Scrutiny for Doctors Profiting From Medical Devices

Five U.S. senators are calling for an investigation into a system that gives surgeons a financial stake in the devices they use on their patients. The inquiry comes after a Wall Street Journal investigation of Dr. Vishal James Makker, a surgeon with a questionable track record for performing multiple spinal operations on his patients.

WellCare Director Resigns, Questions Accounting Oversight

In a rare public display of boardroom in-fighting, a Harvard Business School professor and health care expert resigned from the board of WellCare Health Plans Inc., asserting that the company’s accounting systems were in need of greater oversight and that some board members had conspired to undercut her authority and force her from the board.