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Facebook Doesn’t Tell Users Everything it Really Knows About Them

Facebook has long let users see all sorts of things the site knows about them, like whether they enjoy soccer, have recently moved, or like Melania Trump. But the tech giant gives users little indication that it buys far more sensitive data about them – detailed dossiers obtained from commercial data brokers – regarding their income, the types of restaurants they frequent and even how many credit cards are in their wallets.

Failure, Leadership and Lessons Learned

What’s the difference between someone who becomes a good leader and one who doesn’t? Often it’s the ability to learn from failure. Columnist Gael O’Brien discusses leading thinking on how to analyze what went wrong and how best to reinvent oneself after hitting bottom. For those who get a second act, one expert says, timing can be critical: “You often get your second chance when no one else wants it.”

Oracle Accused of Overcharging U.S. Government

The U.S. Justice Department said it filed a complaint under the False Claims Act against Oracle Corporation alleging that company defrauded the federal government on a General Services Administration (GSA) software contract that was in effect from 1998 to 2006 and “involved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.”