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Social Responsibility in Russia: Yesterday, Today…and Tomorrow?

Moscow-based CSR consultant Tatiana Klimova discusses social responsibility in Russia: its historical prerequisites, current dramatic changes and further development issues.

Benefit Corporations vs. ‘Regular’ Corporations: A Harmful Dichotomy

Seven U.S. states have now enacted laws creating a new type of corporation – typically called a benefit corporation, or B Corp – to advance the cause of socially responsible business. But a corporate attorney argues that, however well-intentioned, the B Corp structure “undermines the very values that corporate governance advocates should seek to promote: responsible, sustainable corporate decision-making by companies of any stripe.”

Two New Corporate Forms to Advance Social Benefits in California

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law competing bills that create two new corporate forms — a “flexible purpose corporation” and a “benefit corporation” — intended to allow entrepreneurs and investors the choice of organizing companies that can pursue both economic and social objectives. Here’s a legal analysis of the implications for businesses with a social purpose.

Making Money and Making a Difference

Blake Mycoskie founded Toms Shoes in 2006 and pioneered a novel marketing concept called “One for One,” which means that for every pair of Toms shoes that someone buys, a pair is given away to someone who needs it in the developing world. Toms has since given away more than 600,000 pairs of shoes, in the process becoming something of a media sensation. Mycoskie has now written a book with the aim of “inspiring, entertaining and challenging” readers to take action.

VIDEO: Bill Gates on Philanthropy During a Recession

In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates discusses the challenges of philanthropy in an economic recession and how his tenure at Microsoft prepared him for his new job running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Opinion: Traditional Philanthropy Gives Way to a New Power

For generations, philanthropy was the exclusive domain of the wealthy and powerful. Many of the great benefactors of the early 20th century made their fortunes from the railroad, steel, and oil industries. How times have changed. Many of today’s entrepreneurs are building their businesses based on the idea of fulfilling a new kind of social contract, one in which organizations voluntarily take responsibility for the “triple bottom line”: people, planet, and profits.

Opinion: When Women Rule the C-Suite

I have a theory. It is that once women rule the “C-suite,” corporate social responsibility (CSR) will become the norm for U.S. business. Why? Call me sexist, but I think that helping others is a function of nurturing and comes more naturally to women than it does to men.

Opinion: Haiti, Charity and Clarity

In the current state of emergency and disaster following Haiti’s earthquake, donations of cash and vital resources are imperative for humanitarian relief. The bigger question, says writer Bill Baue, is whether this effort will leave room for self-empowered Haitians to identify and redress systemic, symptomatic problems.

Community Involvement Programs: Continuing Despite the Economy

Despite the economic crisis, businesses have maintained community involvement efforts as part of their corporate citizenship programs, according to the results of a new survey of more than 300 North American companies.