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Women and Workplace Respect: The Challenge for Corporate Leaders

How do we achieve a better working world that is more inclusive and gender equal? Columnist Gael O’Brien says the answer is ultimately connected to how respect shows up in a company’s culture: “Without the cornerstones of respect and safety – integral to leadership responsibility – progress toward a better working world will be two steps forward and five back.”

American Apparel: Sex, Power and Terrible Corporate Governance

Efforts by American Apparel’s board to oust founder and CEO Dov Charney don’t impress columnist Gael O’Brien. It’s one thing to tolerate a philosophy that a sexually-charged workplace fosters creativity, she writes, but another to allow “the repugnant behavior of its leader, who sexualized the workplace as a stalking ground for employee relationships called consensual, disregarding disparity of age and power.”

American Apparel and the Ethics of a Sexually Charged Workplace

Columnist Gael O’Brien discusses the controversy surrounding American Apparel’s marketing and its CEO, Dov Charney. “The irony of sexual freedom in the workplace is that it is about power, not romance,” she says. “It often ends up exploiting those most vulnerable.”

Mark Hurd’s Leadership Failure

Mark Hurd, who had served as HP’s CEO for the last five years, resigned at the Board’s request after an investigation concluded he had engaged in inappropriate behavior that violated HP’s Standards of Business Conduct. In a press release, Hurd said “there were instances in which I did not live up to the standards and principles of trust, respect and integrity that I have espoused at HP….”