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Redefining ‘Replication’ for Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are judged by both their social impact and their ability to thrive as financially sustainable businesses. Unfortunately many, if not most, attempts at replicating successful social enterprises have failed. Two experts from the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship examine assumptions about what both “success” and “replication” mean with respect to social enterprises.

Impact Investing: Finding Resources for CSR Start-Ups

Impact investing is an emerging asset class focused on the flow of capital towards companies that align market incentives with scalable impact. In other words, investing in for-profit companies that are making the world a better place. One problem: there is actually very little investment being made, especially for seed and early-stage companies.

Making Money and Making a Difference

Blake Mycoskie founded Toms Shoes in 2006 and pioneered a novel marketing concept called “One for One,” which means that for every pair of Toms shoes that someone buys, a pair is given away to someone who needs it in the developing world. Toms has since given away more than 600,000 pairs of shoes, in the process becoming something of a media sensation. Mycoskie has now written a book with the aim of “inspiring, entertaining and challenging” readers to take action.