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Opinion: Traditional Philanthropy Gives Way to a New Power

For generations, philanthropy was the exclusive domain of the wealthy and powerful. Many of the great benefactors of the early 20th century made their fortunes from the railroad, steel, and oil industries. How times have changed. Many of today’s entrepreneurs are building their businesses based on the idea of fulfilling a new kind of social contract, one in which organizations voluntarily take responsibility for the “triple bottom line”: people, planet, and profits.

Opinion: SEC on ESG?

When do you know that ESG (or factoring environmental, social, and governance issues into investment and corporate decisions) has gone mainstream? One signal would be the agenda of last week’s meeting of the Securities and Exchanhe Commission’s Investor Advisory Committee, which included items such as “ESG Disclosure Work Plan” and “Proxy Voting Transparency.”

Nike: Corporate Responsibility at a “Tipping Point”

Nike’s latest report on the company’s corporate responsibility initiatives features a slick multimedia display and a 176-page written document. You can see Nike grappling, in public, with some tough choices. Labor and human rights continue as a top priority and corporate worry.

Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Outperformed in 2009

Data on 160 socially responsible mutual funds found that 65 percent of them outperformed their benchmarks last year across nearly all asset classes, including balanced, large cap, small cap and global funds, as well as bonds.