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International Labor Standards and Corporate Supply Chains: An Interview with Richard Locke

“We live not just in a global economy but in a global supply chain,” says international labor expert Richard Locke. “The most important thing is to educate consumers, especially in large markets, so they understand that the choices they make have implications for issues of living standards, working conditions and justice in the factories that produce most of the things we buy every day.”

Apple Expands Supplier Responsibility Program

Apple Inc.’s latest Supplier Responsibility report shows a 25% increase in audits of supplier facilities during 2010 to establish compliance with the company’s standards for hiring, training and worker safety. The company said a report by an independent team of suicide prevention experts about suicides last year at a supplier plant in Taiwan found the supplier’s response “had definitely saved lives.”

The Simpsons Discover Dark Side of Corporate Supply Chain

The long-running TV series opened this week with a grim depiction of its own animation being made by hundreds of Asian workers and child labor in a dark rat-filled factory. The sequence was reportedly inspired by reports that Simpson characters are animated in Seoul, South Korea. It closes with a gloomy credit to Twentieth Century Fox.