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Tobacco Industry Uses Trade Agreements to Challenge Anti-smoking Measures

A new pattern is emerging in the global tobacco wars. As top cigarette makers lose clout with national governments, countries around the world are adopting more stringent rules to combat the public health burdens of smoking. To strike back, top cigarette makers are increasingly invoking long-standing trade agreements to try to thwart some of the toughest laws.

Fair Labor Association Casts a Wide Net

The Fair Labor Association, founded in 1999, is a group of companies, civil society organizations and colleges and universities. It monitors factories in the supply chains of affiliated companies to assess compliance with FLA standards and requirements.

New Efforts to Save Forests by Curbing Trade in Illegal Wood

Illegal logging and tropical deforestation are the focus of two newly-announced initiatives – one focusing on the legal risk to companies that buy illegally harvested wood, the other highlighting potential rewards to American business of U.S. legislation that would help end illegal logging and tropical deforestation. “Saving rainforests isn’t just for treehuggers anymore,” said a representative of the Ohio Corn Growers Association,

Apple Increases Its Monitoring of Suppliers

The company says it conducted on-site audits at 102 facilities in 2009, up from 83 in 2008, and trained 133,000 workers, supervisors and managers, a sharp increase from 27,000 a year earlier.