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Is It Worth It? Political Spending and Corporate Governance

In the 2012 campaign cycle an astounding $6 billion dollars was spent, with American corporations contributing roughly one third of that total. Just as political pundits are assessing the aftermath of the campaigns, a public affairs adviser for big companies suggests that it’s time for corporate America to take a hard look at the return on its investment.

Survey: Companies Lack Basic Sustainability Programs

A Conference Board survey finds that even though corporations lack the structural framework to enable proper director oversight of sustainability programs, they rarely consult outside expertise. At 89 percent of the companies surveyed, directors continue to rely on reports by senior executives for information on social and environmental initiatives.

Report Cites “New Era” in Global Anti-Corruption Fight

Efforts to combat transnational bribery and corruption could be enhanced by the creation of a top level U.S. government task force with a mandate to develop diplomatic and other incentives for adoption of laws similar to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), especially in developing countries, according to a new report published by The Conference Board.