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Mining’s Impact on Water Polliution

Mining disasters have grabbed a lot of headlines of late, but mines pose another insidious threat that tends to get little press attention: pollution of the nearby environment which, in turn, threatens the health of the people who live nearby. Environmentalists are particularly concerned about water pollution from mines.

Arguing for Meatless Mondays

Meatless Monday—the modern version of it, at least—was born in 2003 with the goal of reducing meat consumption by 15 percent in the U.S. and beyond. The rationale? Livestock production accounts for one-fifth of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and is also a major factor in global forest and habitat loss, freshwater depletion, pollution and human health problems.

Execs Optimistic on CSR Initiatives, Despite Economy

Business leaders responsible for corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs expect budgets and activity for corporate initiatives in the sector to hold steady or increase despite economic uncertainty, according to a new survey. Climate change was chosen more than any other issue as either a “significant” or “very significant” priority for companies.

Privatizing Community Water Supplies Becomes More Common

Water is such an important part of life that it has long been regarded as a public good worth entrusting only to public entities. But given the mixed track record of municipal, regional and national governments to properly manage water resources, outsourcing to private companies is becoming more common.

Procter & Gamble Introduces Supplier Environmental Scorecard

P&G said that in the future it will use the scorecard to determine each supplier’s sustainability rating as part of the company’s annual supplier performance measurement process. P&G currently spends $43.8 billion annually with about 75,000 suppliers around the globe.

Businesses Confront the Water Quality Challenge

For many in the so-called developed world, the ability to turn on the tap for clean, fresh water to drink, cook and wash with is taken for granted. The stark truth, however, is that over a billion people in the world have little choice but to use potentially harmful sources of water. What are companies doing to respond? And is it enough?

Sustainability: 20 Expectations for Companies by 2020

A major new paper from Ceres, the investor and environmental group, “is a guide to companies on their journey to comprehensive sustainability – from the boardroom to the copy room – and throughout the supply chain,” says the organization’s president.