Sainsbury’s, one the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, said it would start reporting progress on its corporate responsibility (CR) programs on a quarterly basis together with its financial results.

Sainsbury Store_oakleyA quarterly schedule would put Sainsbury’s on the cutting edge of CR reporting initiatives.   Most major companies file corporate responsibility reports on an annual basis.  In the U.S.,  apparel maker Timberland now reports on key CSR performance indicators on a quarterly basis but publishes a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Report only every two years.

Ben Eavis, Sainsbury’s CR and ethical trade manager said: “Aligning our CR updates with our financial reporting, demonstrates how seriously we take corporate responsibility. We have a broad spectrum of CR principles which are very much part of our DNA and this change allows us to illustrate the values that underpin our financial performance.”

In making the announcement, Sainsbury’s said corporate responsibility has always been a key element of it’s brand. “The company was founded on the principle of helping people in poorer parts of London eat a better diet. The ‘Quality perfect, prices lower’ strap line was on the front of its first store and has remained a guiding principle throughout the company’s history.”

Sainsbury’s said it is the UK’s largest retailer of fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, the first retailer to buy sustainable palm oil for use in food and the UK’s largest Fairtrade outlet.

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