A strict and controversial new illegal immigration law in Arizona has prompted the maker of popular AriZona iced tea and other soft drinks to put distance between itself and the state.

arizona-iced-tea-profileApparently concerned about Internet chat of a potential consumer boycott of products made in Arizona, privately-held AriZona Beverages issued a statement letting customers know that its products are sold and distributed from a headquarters located about 2,400 miles from the the state’s capitol in Phoenix.

“In 1992, two hard-working guys from Brooklyn with a dream created AriZona Iced Tea,” said AriZona founder and chairman Don Vultaggio.  “Since then, and despite the wonderful success AriZona has enjoyed throughout the United States and internationally, we have remained loyal to our family-run business based in New York.”

Vultaggio noted that AriZona’s headquarters are in Long Island, N.Y. “We are very proud to be an American company with roots in New York,” he said.

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