A new video program, “Business In Society,” delivering news and analysis on how business is addressing global society’s macro problems — among them, the environment, energy conservation, and women’s empowerment — debuts Saturday, March 30th at 11 AM (EDT) on Direct TV channel # 224 .  It is also available online via the Business in Society website.

Focus of the program: Is business doing enough? Can it — should it — do more?

“We intend to give these issues a new dimension of visibility, recognition, and impetus,” says John Paluszek, senior counsel at Ketchum, executive producer and the host of the “Business In Society” programs.

The program’s March 30th series premiere features Mr. Georg [Gay-org] Kell, executive director of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary sustainability network with over 7,000 corporate members operating in accord with UNGC principles in environment, human rights, labor rights and transparency. UNGC also has some 3500 academic, non-governmental-organizations (NGOs) and governments in its membership.

You can view the first program here:

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