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Proxy Season 2011: Progress or Procrastination?

Reporter James Hyatt says that depending on whom you ask, when it comes to shareholder activism and corporate governance issues this year’s proxy season is a glass half full, a glass half empty, or a glass completely shattered.

Women Lack Numbers and Influence on Corporate Boards

A new report from The Corporate Library finds that while almost 90 percent of S&P 500 companies have at least one woman board member, there are far fewer women directors at smaller companies, and even at larger companies “women are typically a small minority and hold few positions of responsibility.”

Oscars Skirmish Provides Lesson in Corporate Governance

A confrontation between The Walt Disney Company and Cablevision means more than 3 million New York-area homes may not be able to see the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Language used by the corporate combatants hints at progress in the movement toward corporate governance reform.