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Assessing McDonald’s Performance on Sustainability

Long a poster child of environmental ills and health concerns, McDonald’s has worked steadily over the last two decades to clean up its act. But while it may be moving in the right direction on some issues, it is still widely criticized for the waste it generates and its contribution to health woes such as obesity.

Corporate Citizenship at McDonald’s: 10 Lessons Learned

Managing the corporate social responsibility program for one of the world’s biggest and best-known brands is no simple task. Bob Langert, the man who has that job at McDonald’s – which serves more than 64 million people in 117 countries each day – offers his Top Ten list of observations about what’s involved in trying to be a good corporate citizen.

New U.S. Law Represents “Sea Change” in Food Safety

The Food Safety Modernization Act expands the powers of the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate hazards in all kinds of food and to impose stricter standards on imported foods. Processors are now required to proactively take measures to prevent contamination, and must have plans in place for corrective action when something does go wrong.

Walmart Launches Healthier Food Initiative

The giant low-cost retailer announced plans to offer healthier food and to push its suppliers to do the same. The company said it would reformulate “thousands of everyday packaged foods” by 2015 by reducing sodium 25 percent and added sugars 10 percent, and by removing all remaining industrially-produced trans fats.

Why Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Labeled in U.S.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, a majority of the processed foods available in grocery stores today are derived from genetically modified (GM) sources—whereby genes have been taken from one species and insert into another to obtain specific traits or characteristics.

Survey: U.S. Consumers Willing to Pay for Corporate Responsibility

Despite the economic recession, 59 percent of those responding said they plan to spend the same or more on products from socially responsible companies.

What’s the Story on “Healthy Snacks” for Children?

If a product lists natural ingredients on its label—anything from real fruits, vegetables and nuts to cereals, grains and other healthy foods you can recognize without a food dictionary on hand—it’s probably better than a food reliant on artificial flavors and sweeteners.