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Why a Muslim Investment Company Thinks Shareholder Activism is What the Country Needs Now

An executive for an investment firm that adheres to the principles of Islam and Islamic finance explains why the firm has stepped into the arena of shareholder engagement with its first shareholder resolution, calling on Exxon Mobil to increase transparency in its lobbying spending.

Proxy Season 2011: Progress or Procrastination?

Reporter James Hyatt says that depending on whom you ask, when it comes to shareholder activism and corporate governance issues this year’s proxy season is a glass half full, a glass half empty, or a glass completely shattered.

Activist Investors Claim Record Results on Climate Change

Investors filed a record 101 climate and energy-related resolutions with 88 U.S. and Canadian companies in 2010, a 50% increase from the year-earlier, according to activist shareholder organizations. A record 51 resolutions were withdrawn after the companies agreed to climate change and energy-related commitments.