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Opinion: The GRI Misses Some Critical Human Rights Issues

An advisor on information and communications issues argues that the The Global Reporting Initiative seems to completely ignore two of the most significant human rights issues of our time—freedom of expression and privacy—and hasn’t kept pace with the explosion of the information and communications technology industry.

The Role of Multinationals in Egypt’s Communication Shutdown

When the Egyptian government created a partial communications blackout on Thursday, shutting Internet and cell-phone service, it asked for the cooperation of foreign mobile phone companies. UK-based Vodafone complied, saying it had no choice but to cut service.

Leadership: Vigilantism 2.0

The worldwide Web is a great repository for track records, and has a long memory. That’s why social activists are increasingly using it to punish companies that have attracted their wrath. In this brave new world, Ann Charles writes, CEOs need to prepare for the era of total transparency.

SEC Seeks Comments on New Financial Rules

As the Securities and Exchange Commission prepares to deal with a deluge of new rule-making tasks tied to the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, agency Chairman Mary Schapiro announced a new system for soliciting public input on rules. “We are inviting public comment even before the various rules are proposed and before the official comment periods have begun,” she said.

Google Halts Censorship on Chinese Search

Google announces a “new approach to China,” indicating that China’s behavior toward human rights activists and other efforts “to further limit free speech on the web in China” had led Google to stop censoring its search services on the site and instead redirect traffic to its Hong Kong-based servers.

Clinton Urges “Principled Stand” on Internet Censorship

An open Internet is good for society and good for business. And American technology companies need to make a “principled stand” against attempts at censorship. That’s one of the messages delivered by U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton in a major speech that focused on attempts by some national governments to stifle the “free exchange of ideas” among their citizens.