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Penn State Scandal Highlights Failures in Leadership and Culture

A damning new report on the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State shows that it was preventable, says columnist Gael O’Brien. “Whether it is child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, fraud or some other crime, one of the great enablers or deterrents to crisis is the culture of an organization,” she writes. “The unpleasant truth is it can happen anywhere a culture doesn’t resist.”

After Paterno, Penn State’s Struggle to Rebuild Trust

With the death of long-time football coach Joe Paterno, Penn State enters a new stage of its crisis stemming from criminal sex abuse charges against a former assistant coach. Columnist Gael O’Brien thinks the university’s trustees have made numerous mistakes and says the institution now must learn “how to tolerate discomfort with unflattering headlines while the focus is on trust building, not brand building.”