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Corporate Citizenship in an Age of Uncertainty

Columnist Gael O’Brien thinks corporate citizenship may be entering its greatest test. Will a Trump presidency have the effect of muting CEO voices for fear of reprisals and Twitter attacks in a government now controlled by one political party? Or will corporate citizenship, acting out of a bigger sense of purpose, gain increased public trust and support?

Politicizing the Board: Directors Face Powerful Pressures

Serving as a corporate board director will soon become more similar to serving as a county commissioner or city assemblyman than serving on a traditional for-profit corporate board, and as a result some directors may choose not to serve, according to a leading U.S. corporate governance expert.

Citizens United and Political Contributions: The Story So Far

Even before corporations and other groups start writing checks to exercise their new-found freedom, the Citizens United case appears likely to emerge as a key litmus test in the process of selecting a successor to Justice John Paul Stevens, who has announced his plan to retire after the current Supreme Court term.