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Social Media and the Board: Why #Hashtags Matter to Directors

With Facebook now claiming more than 840 million active users around the globe – and other social networks surging as well – it’s increasingly clear that boards of major companies need to factor the social media phenomenon into the governance equation. Digital “dashboards” are one way of staying abreast of what’s going on. Another is for the board to recruit a “digital director” – but they’re in short supply.

Why True Leaders Make Us Uncomfortable

John Elkington thinks that if busy people insist on getting all their knowledge in 20-second sound-bites, they are unlikely to be open to the sort of deep conversations that the sustainability agenda requires. The path to great leadership, he suggests, may involve what one executive calls “constructive discomfort.”

Procter & Gamble Introduces Supplier Environmental Scorecard

P&G said that in the future it will use the scorecard to determine each supplier’s sustainability rating as part of the company’s annual supplier performance measurement process. P&G currently spends $43.8 billion annually with about 75,000 suppliers around the globe.