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International Labor Standards and Corporate Supply Chains: An Interview with Richard Locke

“We live not just in a global economy but in a global supply chain,” says international labor expert Richard Locke. “The most important thing is to educate consumers, especially in large markets, so they understand that the choices they make have implications for issues of living standards, working conditions and justice in the factories that produce most of the things we buy every day.”

How Green Is Your Boardroom?

Sustainability initiatives are most successful when they’re on the agenda of the board of directors. Alice Korngold examines how that’s being handled at consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark, where the board has not only endorsed an ambitious Sustainability 2015 plan but has also asked how the plan can be accelerated.

Leadership: Vigilantism 2.0

The worldwide Web is a great repository for track records, and has a long memory. That’s why social activists are increasingly using it to punish companies that have attracted their wrath. In this brave new world, Ann Charles writes, CEOs need to prepare for the era of total transparency.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To “Green” Your Office

No matter how green your office may be already, there is surely room for improvement somewhere. Here are 10 suggestions to help get you and your co-workers further along on the path to office sustainability.

Assessing Walmart’s Environmental Impact

Walmart has been working to clean up its image in recent years, and many environmentalists are pleased with the company’s commitment to reduce its massive carbon footprint. Many, however, view the company’s initiatives with skepticism, especially considering its overall impact on communities.

Procter & Gamble Introduces Supplier Environmental Scorecard

P&G said that in the future it will use the scorecard to determine each supplier’s sustainability rating as part of the company’s annual supplier performance measurement process. P&G currently spends $43.8 billion annually with about 75,000 suppliers around the globe.

BNY Mellon To Increase Social Investing Options

Fiduciary responsibility “has often been defined exclusively in financial terms, such as maximizing returns to provide for retired employees,” the firm said. “However, there is growing discussion that the way in which those returns are achieved is just as important.” BNY Mellon has $22.3 trillion in assets under custody or administration and $1.1 trillion under management.

Apple Increases Its Monitoring of Suppliers

The company says it conducted on-site audits at 102 facilities in 2009, up from 83 in 2008, and trained 133,000 workers, supervisors and managers, a sharp increase from 27,000 a year earlier.

Toyota Recall: Five Critical Lessons

Fixing the problem and ensuring that something like it doesn’t happen again will require an all-out effort by Toyota, from assembly line to the boardroom. Even then, there are no guarantees. Maintaining a good corporate reputation in the 21st century is tricky business indeed.

McDonald’s Publishes 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

The report focuses on the company’s practices in sustainable supply chain, nutrition and well-being, environmental responsibility, employment experience, community and corporate governance and ethics.