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Leadership: Vigilantism 2.0

The worldwide Web is a great repository for track records, and has a long memory. That’s why social activists are increasingly using it to punish companies that have attracted their wrath. In this brave new world, Ann Charles writes, CEOs need to prepare for the era of total transparency.

Why Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Labeled in U.S.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, a majority of the processed foods available in grocery stores today are derived from genetically modified (GM) sources—whereby genes have been taken from one species and insert into another to obtain specific traits or characteristics.

National Supermarket Chains Source More Local Foods

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: I know that local food has health and environmental benefits, but my local grocer only carries a few items. Is there a push for bigger supermarkets to carry locally produced food? — Maria Fine, Somerville, MA By eating locally sourced foods, we strengthen the bond […]

Banana Industry’s Impact on Rainforests

Historically, growing the world’s most popular fruit has caused massive degradation of rainforest land across the tropics. But the $5 billion banana industry may be slowly coming to terms with greener forms of production. Two of the largest growers – Favorita and Chiquita – now grow bananas on farms that meet criteria for responsible management set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

Conscious Capitalism: New Models for 21st Century Business

Columnist Gael O’Brien takes a look at a new organization and a group of business leaders who believe that a company can be profitable while also safeguarding trust, reputation, and credibility with stakeholders. One CEO poses the question: “Is it possible to create an enterprise where everybody wins?”