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Social Media: Law and Order Edition

The division between what’s permissible and what’s merely outrageous online grows fuzzier day by day, with legislators, regulators, police officers and businesses scrambling to harness the wild wild west of social media law. “The Internet,” says a New York district attorney, “is our 21st century crime scene.” James Hyatt reports.

Yes, Companies Are Harvesting – and Selling – Your Facebook Profile

Responding to a congressional query, nine data companies provided answers to a detailed set of questions about what kinds of information they collect about individual Americans, and where they get that data. Their responses show that some companies record – and then resell – your screen names, web site addresses, interests, hometown and professional history, and how many friends or followers you have.

You May Have a Social Media ‘Friend’ at the NLRB

The road map keeping track of social media charges and complaints at the U.S. National Labor Relations Board is getting more interesting and complicated. New data suggests that the agency has examined more than 129 cases, with the most common issues being overbroad policies restricting employee use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and the unlawful firing or disciplining of employees for the contents of their posts.

Books: Using Social Media To Build a Better World

Advertising executive Simon Mainwaring suggests in a new book that combining corporate social responsibility and social media could create a powerful new consumer force. Among his suggestions: “contributory capitalism,” in which every single consumer transaction for products and services globally “would include a contribution toward building a better world.”

Leadership: Vigilantism 2.0

The worldwide Web is a great repository for track records, and has a long memory. That’s why social activists are increasingly using it to punish companies that have attracted their wrath. In this brave new world, Ann Charles writes, CEOs need to prepare for the era of total transparency.

Oscars Skirmish Provides Lesson in Corporate Governance

A confrontation between The Walt Disney Company and Cablevision means more than 3 million New York-area homes may not be able to see the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Language used by the corporate combatants hints at progress in the movement toward corporate governance reform.